London trip

Well hello there!

So this is my brand spanking new blog, all fresh and white and ready to be filled with pictures and thoughts! Here I'm going to try and motivate myself to put all my creative thoughts and ideas into action, as well as share a few of my favourite things.

I'm just back from a quick weekend to London with my little sister (*ahem renowned BJD artist I must add!) to visit a record fair on Berwick Street. It was also my first visit to the Liberty shop which I was dying to visit having just learnt all about the construction of the Tudor Building at my work - Georgian Antiques. We have just purchased a few gorgeous Arts and Crafts oak tables which were originally made for the building in 1924, and one of which we have entered into the Lapada object of the year competition (vote here!), so I had been researching all about the buildings' history and it was fantastic to see it in person.

My sister met a member of her favourite band, the Cocteau Twins, and charmed him into giving her a free tshirt. But the best part of our trip for me was a visit to a HUGE car boot sale in Essex, where I picked up a couple of vintage gems. It was nice to be on the other side of haggling for a change - £5.00 each!

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  1. I'm in a Cocteau Twin's brain now!
    Nice finds from the sale - can't wait to see the lamp all complete with a shade :)