Spare Pennies

Anyone who knows me, has visited my house, or has had a five minute conversation with me knows I've been a huge Cath Kidston fan for years. I am trying to limit my purchasing these days as my house was almost becoming a bit over flowery, even for my taste! Cath has some really lovely sewing baskets and they are all almost half price in the sale at the moment, so if you have some spare pennies I think they are a really good buy. I like how the website now includes pictures of their inside which was previously lacking, and pretty crucial!

1. £40.00 - £20.00            2. £40.00 - £25.00              3.£30.00 - £15.00

I think the one on the left with the embroidered top could be my favourite - how about you? You needn't be a sewer either, they would make fab jewellery or trinket boxes.

Talking about sales, I went along to New Look last night just to have a look at a skirt I had seen at the weekend for £29.99 (I wasn't planning on buying it honest)...and it was in the sale for £9! Chuffed.


  1. Jewellery box.... don't give me ideas! I've wanted one forever but since I can't sew I thought I shouldn't bother :P

  2. You could even keep your makeup bits and bobs in it...there's a wealth of uses!

  3. I need a larger container for bead and jewellery making bits and pieces. Hmmmm,

  4. Also a huge Cath Kidston lover, can't get enough of it the sale is dangerous!
    Great sale buy with your skirt.

    Abigail x

  5. I love Cath Kidston too....and now I know a sale is on!!!