Wee squares

I'm having a little rest from the finishing off of my Granny cushions, because I was absolutely itching to do something with my new mustard and coral yarn that I bought recently. So I've been making these wee squares for a cushion for my bed, inspired by my Ixxi which has a gorgeous array of coral, pink and peach shades as well as the grey blues and greens to take inspiration from. I absolutely love the yarn, I also made a sneaky purchase of that blue shade from the same range, and I think they go great together but I'm not too sure about the white. 

I think the white makes the colours look a little too girly, so I'm thinking of trying it with a grey, which would go better with my imaginary future bedroom colour scheme anyway! What do you think would look better, white or grey? 


  1. I like the white a lot, maybe when you join them together you could use grey to break it up?

  2. I think I've actually come round to the white again after trying grey, now it's the size of the squares I'm being indecisive about!