A Mollie Makes Monday

Anyone who's at all involved in the crafting community will have heard of the rather fabulous Mollie Makes magazine by now, as well as the slight challenge in finding copies! I was lucky enough to spot that myfavouritemagazines.co.uk were briefly selling off 'blemished' copies of the infamous issue 1 for just £3.50 the other week (which came with the tiniest crease on the corner no worse than would happen in your bag on the way home from the newsagents!). 

This weekend I paid a visit to my family in the Borders and had the pleasure of making use of my sisters desk for the evening. I think it definitely inspired my creative energy! So I had a go of the very sweet crocheted apple cosy (see above). It was such a fun little pattern! I have to admit, when I first saw the pictures of the apples in their little cosies online, I thought it looked cute but was a bit daft. But they actually do serve a purpose - to keep your breaktime snack safe in your handbag on the way to work - it's actually genius! I always have an apple kicking about in the bottom of my bag getting bashed.

My discount copy even came with the felt kilt to make an ipod/phone cover so I also got started making that.

I already have issues 2 and 3 which I've only flipped through so far, so I'm looking forward to trying some more wee projects. I am really loving this magazine, and I think the stir it's caused online is a clear sign of how much there was a gap for a contemporary craft magazine. Can't wait to see what the future issues hold!


  1. the cushion picture turned out so wonderful, I am ashamed of my skepticism!

  2. Gorgeous apple jacket! Lucky you, I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy yet here in Australia.

  3. Hello. I´m from Austria and its very difficult to get such magazines. Is it possible to get the pattern for the apple from you?

  4. The pattern is on the Mollie Makes website, here's the link:


    Have fun!