Flying by

Did your weekend just fly by like mine did? It was a very wet and thundery one here in Edinburgh (in fact there's actually been flooding in some parts!) and I've kind of lost that summery feeling again. I can't believe it's just about half way through July already. But I did do quite a bit of crochet experimenting so I will have some pics to share of how the Ixxi inspired cushion project is coming along later in the week.

But to brighten our day today I have some gorgeous artwork to share with you from my sisters etsy shop...she just added two new prints, Lark and Lily, and I LOVE them. I'm sure Caroline will call me biased (and embarrassing) but I genuinely do love these - aren't they so sweet?


  1. thank youuuu!
    you are totally biased and I'm totally embarrassed :P

    I think I'm getting the urge to crochet again after seeing you make the apple holder~

  2. I'm not biased, I love them. I just want you to do more more more!

    You should definitely try the apple holder it's really simple, the pattern is available in the Issue 1 sampler: