I have so many projects in my head just now it's hard to contain my impatience! Do you ever get that? I have so many ideas at the moment that I'm jumping between projects and not actually finishing anything. I have neglected my granny cushions at the final stage in favour of my new wee squares. This new yarn is just so delicious, it's hard to put it down!

So as promised, here is my progress on the Ixxi inspired cushion squares. I think after my indecision over the colour combination I like the white better than grey after all. Now I'm just debating on whether I should introduce a fourth colour, green perhaps?


  1. I always have so many ideas, I never know where to start....I like the sound of adding green to your cushion

  2. Wow! I'm not usually one for crotchet homewares, but I am totally inspired by the bluey grey, blue and candy pink colour combo! Can't wait to see the finished product:)