The Crochet Agenda

I'm getting ever closer to finishing the backs of my granny cushions, whipping them out every breaktime at work for a few rows, but I'm not sure now why I was so determined to do rows of treble instead of just another big granny square on the back - it's seems to be taking forever! I actually love how the simple rows look in this oatmealy yarn, I think it would look great as a blanket but it's not that soft unfortunately. 

Next on the crochet agenda I have a couple of blankets in mind, but I also really need to challenge myself to do something a bit more complicated and keep learning. Sometimes when I'm crocheting I still can't believe I can actually do it, I love it so much! My poor knitting needles are starting to gather dust.

And my constant griping about the lack of summer seems to have finally paid off, with two very pleasant days in a row here in Edinburgh! It's amazing the difference it makes to your energy and spirits, even though I've not had much time to get out and enjoy it. Hopefully it will continue to the weekend - ever the optimist!


  1. I have tried teaching myself to crochet but I haven't got it down yet. I love the colour of that yarn.

  2. I've only been crocheting about a year - it's really addictive! I would highly recommend taking a wee class to get the basics and then you'll be flying.