Little dovetails

I could resist no longer. I've been looking at this cabinet for weeks at my work - it's been sitting right across from my office, making eyes right back at me, begging for a home. I just love it's shabbiness, I think most people at work think I'm a bit nuts for liking it so much! It's not our usual fare. I just need to get some handles for it. I am slightly considering painting it too, but I think the wood is too nice to cover up really. And then I wouldn't be able to swoon over the little dovetails....

So that's this Fridays' object of love. Tomorrow I'm going to pick up my Yvestown ixxi win from the shippers depot, which is unfortunately miles away so I'm giving up my beloved Saturday lie in...but I can't wait to see it!


  1. I loooove it! does it really need handles? can they open just like that~ I think it looks nice & simple :)

  2. Yes it needs handles, I can't open the drawers!