True Love

This time it's true love. Last night I went to buy the wool for the backs of my granny cushions (I decided to go for the same oatmeal colour that I used on the front) and my purse was led hopelessly astray by these gorgeous shades by Amy Butler for Rowan

I've had a huge fetish for both these colours for ages but I never really come across good mustard shades. But this yarn is so delicious, as is the corally pink, that I just had to buy a couple of balls...of each. They're photographed on a little off cut of gorgeous fabric that I also got for a couple of pounds, from the Free Spirit 'Weekends' collection by Erin McMorris which I first saw and loved on Emma Lamb's blog. It is even more lovely in real life than I had imagined, the little flowers are actually quite mustardy too! True love all round.


  1. I'm in love too! omg those colours, so perfect <3

  2. I'm thinking maybe a cushion? They could be part of my new bedroom scheme...the colours kind of go with the ixxi :)