Hummingbird Red Velvet Cupcakes

I was recently given the lovely Hummingbird Bakery cookbook as a gift, which is full of some really gorgeous looking cakes and desserts which I can't wait to try out. I've been trying to master red velvet cupcakes which has become a firm favourite with some of my co-workers! The trick I've found is to use good quality red colouring and don't be afraid to use A LOT to get that striking red look once baked.

Every time I've ever eaten red velvet cake I've felt very sick afterwards, which I had put down to the richness, but I've finally found out that red food colouring often contains paprika which I am pretty allergic to. So that solves that little mystery. It does make these cupcakes good for me to practise my baking with, without being tempted to eat the results!

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