Bee inspired

For the past ten weeks I've been attending screen printing evening classes at Edinburgh Contemporary Crafts, which offers access to fully equipped studios to both professionals and the public, as well as a gallery and shop.

It's been so inspiring being part of a working studio surrounded by professional artists and crafts people. Unfortunately, I didn't get to spend a lot of time on my final design as I'd missed a crucial class due to illness, so I ended up sketching up my bee in about 10 minutes! But I'm relatively pleased with how he turned out. The main part for me was learning the process rather than the final project anyway, and it's been fantastic fun. And the best part is once you've attended at least one course, ECC offer Open Access to their workshops to work on your own projects independently. 

As well as screen printing you can take classes in pottery, book binding, dressmaking, jewellery and upholstery. The only problem is deciding which!

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