Coral Obsession

Well I think I have finally recovered from my birthday meal on Wednesday. Even a seafood addict like me has a limit, and as delicious as the feast was I think it might be a good few weeks before I can stomach anything that comes from a shell again! Tonight I'm cooking dinner for my brother and his fiancee, so I've opted for a nice fresh courgette tart with some new potatoes and salad. I have made it before but only once so fingers crossed it turns out okay!

This Fridays object of love is carrying on my coral obsession which shows no sign of abating just yet. The blouse below is from Topshop (and yet another Pinterest discovery) and I just love the peter pan collar, as well as the colour obviously.

Now I did get a little bit of birthday money but I am in quite dire need of shoes - my current everyday shoes have holes on the soles and are leaking, and despite it being June this is problematic in Edinburgh (although to give the sun some credit it has actually been quite nice the past 2 days at last!). So what do you think I should go for, pretty top or dry feet?!


  1. I love coral too, so I would go for the pretty top!

  2. Pretty top, definitely, this one is absolutely gorgeous :)

    Veronika (

  3. I think you should go for a sensible pair of shoes!

  4. I think the weather in Edinburgh today is giving me the's dreekit!